Ad vast does not play on mobile

I have version 8.111, and I find that the ads are not working on the mobile versions, but they do work on version 8.133. What I saw in the fix they released for version 8.133, they refer to “if it provides a Wrapper and the ad in wrapper response does not specify a sequence”. What do they mean by this? Is there any possibility that this can work without updating to 8.111?

Hi @pepelui030317 , welcome to Bitmovin community forum and thanks for sharing your question here.

The fix in version 8.133.0 is related to VAST Ads which are wrapper Ads e.i which point to another Ad URL instead of providing the Ad Media directly. If the Ad tags that you are using provide VAST Wrapper Ads in response, this could explain the Ads working after update.

Updating to newer versions is recommended in general to benefit from bug fixes and improvements. Is there are specific reason to not upgrade to newer player version?