VPAID Vast is not working and freeze the player

Hello there,

We are testing with some new Ad Servers and we have now a VPAID url that freeze the Player on Android devices

This is the testing url:

If we test on Google IMA Test we have no problem to watch the ads

Here is the code:

url = "https://vid.springserve.com/vast/679996?w=1470&h=920&cb=1667596207666914960&url=dev.riivi.com&ip="

        Log.e("URL vast", url)

        val adSource = AdSource(

        val arrayAds = arrayOf(adSource)

        val addItem = AdItem(arrayAds, "pre", replaceContentDuration = 0.0, preloadOffset = 1.0)

The player cannot load the url and stop playing.

Is there something wrong on the config?

We tried with other AdSourceType but the ad is only skipped.

VPAID ads are not supported on Android & iOS. VPAID ads are Javascript and only supported in Web-based environments.

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