Ad Events not being triggered

I have written a sample web app, that loads the LIVE dash url and licence key required to play the content.
I am listening for the ad events from the player, but I am not getting any events while an ad is been played.

player.on(bitmovin.player.PlayerEvent.AdBreakStarted, function (data) {
  console.log("Ad Break Started:", data);

player.on(bitmovin.player.PlayerEvent.AdClicked, function (data) {
  console.log("Ad Clicked:", data);

player.on(bitmovin.player.PlayerEvent.AdError, function (data) {
  console.log("Ad Error:", data);

Hi @c-toney.mathew , thanks for your question. Ad events from Bitmovin player are triggered for client side VAST/VMAP/VPAID Ads(CSAI). Can you please share if client side Ads are configured/scheduled using PlayerConfig.advertising.

These events are not fired for server side Ads(SSAI).

If using server side Ads, then Ads signalling is generally provided inside HLS and DASH manifests. A common way to do this in DASH is via event streams. If the Live DASH url that you are using contains these event streams, then you can get these events using Metadataparsed and/or Metadata events.

Can you please confirm if you are using client side Ads or server side Ads in your tests? And if you are using SSAI, then please let us know which SSAI provider/system are you using. Would be also very helpful if you could share the DASH Live URL for us to check if and how is Ads signalling added to it.

Hi @lucky.goyal, thank you for your response. The ads are fired from SSAI.
I checked the Metadataparsed/Metadata events, and I am getting the metadatType:EVENT_STREAM when an Ad is playing.

Hi @c-toney.mathew , great t hear that. I hope that addresses your requirement. Please mark my reply as solution if there are no more questions on this topic.

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