Android player skip Ads issue

guy, we are using custom UI with bitmovin Android player. We are able to implement Ads in bitmovin player. However, is there any where to listen an event, when the “Skip Ads” event button popup?

I had do some experiments, we did found that “PlayerEvent.AdQuartile” will triggered when the “Skip Ads” popup, but some of the case “PlayerEvent.AdQuartile” will also popup without “Skip Ads” popup…

Hi Gabriel,

we currently do not have an event signalling the skippable state change of an ad, this would be a feature request.

As a work around, you can get access to the IMA Ads Manager (assuming your are using IMA ad sources) and attach an event listener as follows:

val playerConfig = PlayerConfig(
        advertisingConfig = AdvertisingConfig(
            adsManagerAvailableCallback = { adsManager ->
                adsManager.addAdEventListener { adEvent ->
                    if (adEvent.type == AdEvent.AdEventType.SKIPPABLE_STATE_CHANGED) {
                        val skippable =
                        // TODO: Handle skippable state change

Let me know if that helps.


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