Youbora Analytics for React Native Bitmovin

How can I easily add Youbora Analytics to a project with React Native Bitmovin Player
Do I need to install the library for each android and ios platform separately or is it possible to somehow set up this library in js code and then dispatch custom events from player events?

Hi Anastasia,
Unfortunately we don’t have a integration for the Bitmovin Player with Youbora Analytics so adding it into the React Native bridge would not be as simple as enabling another of our modules.
However, you could use the Events exposed by the player in the React Native layer to link to a custom Youbora integration if required. Here is also a short doc on Listening to Events.

Separately, Bitmovin Analytics is pre-integrated within our Bitmovin Player instances, meaning simply by adding an Analytics license key into the config, you can gather actionable insight into your user sessions at a very granular level. If this is something you’d like to try out or want to know more about, please let me know!



Please further note that all the Youbora adapters for the different Bitmovin Player SDKs are developed and maintained completely by Nice People At Work (NPAW). Therefore I’d recommend reaching out to them regarding this topic.