What capabilities are available for hotspots / interactive video?

What capabilities are available for hotspots / interactive video ? Does this require a 3rd party integration? If so, which platforms might have existing integrations? It doesn’t look like spott.ai has support for Bitmovin (although referenced in a Bitmovin blog post). Primary use case would be for ecommerce (video commerce). Support required across all platforms (Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Smart TV’s, etc…)

Hi Marlon,
We have SDKs available for all the platforms you mentioned and you could easily try them out with our sample apps [1], however, I’m not able to find a blogpost mentioning spott.ai and Bitmovin. Do you mind pointing me to it ? I will take a closer look.

Also please feel free to add further details about what you are trying to achieve.

[1] Bitmovin Docs - Player SDKs

I am aware of the SDK’s, but did not see any support for interactive video or ability to add hotspots in the documentation. My client is looking to provide a seamless transactional video commerce experience through interactive video as shown in the example in the blog post linked below.
If not supported through the SDKs or UI manager, do you have any partner integrations that can assist in providing this functionality?

In this blog post you reference the ColliShop demo which links to the spott.ai site. This is the functionality/capability we are looking for. https://bitmovin.com/interactive-quality-of-experience-qoe/


Thanks for the additional details.
Please send me a follow up at ludovic.michaud@bitmovin.com. I will get somebody from our partner team get back to you to explore with you what is available.

Hi, Marlon.

I lead the partnership team at Bitmovin. The blog post was describing the art of the possible. We have a couple of partners that have done some work in this area. I have one in particular that I would recommend we have a conversation with to start. If you ping me at brandon.zupancic@bitmovin.com and cc Ludo as well, I’ll be happy to set up a conversation.