Video is not seeking to updated playback position after the exit of Casting

Hi Team,

  1. Player seekbar in mobile is not working during casting.

  2. Once we cast a video of say 20mins duration to a casting device from mobile. After watching 5 mins, if we exit the casting, then video starts playing on mobile, but the player position is not updated in seekbar in mobile video player.

Please help us in resolving this issue


Hi @leeladharan,

Thank you for reporting the issue. However, I’m currently not able to reproduce the described behaviour.

Can you provide additional information on your setup? E.g. the versions of the Player SDK, Google Cast SDK and on which iOS version you are testing this.
Ideally, if possible, also the PlayerConfig and the Stream you are playing.


After checking the Player examples in iOS samples, I was able to figure out the issue.


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Glad to hear that you were able to resolve the issue.