Video Casting Issue

Hi Team,

When a content playback is in progress on casting device from iOS device and during this time if we select to play any other video on the iOS device, the video playback starts on the casting device and on our iOS device the pre-roll ad starts playing, once ad is finished playing, we can see the same content playing on iOS device and also on Casting device already the same content is playing. How to fix this issue?

Hi @praveen.balpande84 , thanks for sharing your use case and observations. Currently Ads + Casting use case does not work out of the box, so player(running on sender device) does not pause playback of Ads when casting is done.

This is under implementation wherein player on sender will gracefully stop Ad playback when casting is started and resume playback when casting is stopped. The ETA for the player release including this change is August 2023. Will update this thread as soon as the release is available.

Hi @praveen.balpande84 , glad to share that iOS player SDK release 3.43.0 is available now including this feature. You can use TweaksConfig.discardAdsWhileCasting to configure the behaviour of Ads during casting.

Please let us know if there are any further questions on this topic of client side Ads + Casting.