Video freeze - bitmovin react native on android

I have an embedded video player in the flatlist, I want to have ability to show full screen which i am opening in fullscreen modal. I am using the same player instance but in the fullscreen mode video freezes on Android but all other controls works. This is working fine on IOS only Android video freezes. Any suggestions on this?

Hi @thinkinfotech!
Thanks for reporting and welcome to the Bitmovin Community.

Could you provide us with an example project where this can be reproduced?

HI @Ziga
I have used different approaches. My issue is that if i have a flatlist or scrollview component and placed a video as videoitem. Upon fullscreen it doesnt open in fullscreen. I have used same example of yours with flatlist.
Second approach , I am navigating to other screen which is fullScreenModal with same playerinstance, in this case it works but video freezes. I am very much interested if it works with the default implementation. We have set of videos in flatlist, somehow fullscreen mode doesnt work.

Hi @thinkinfotech, sorry for the late reply.

Approach 1: To understand your setup better we would need a minimal example project. The easiest way is usually to base the example on of the samples in GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-player-react-native: Official React Native bindings for Bitmovin's Mobile Player SDKs.
Approach 2: We’ve identified a bug with reusing a player instance on Android. We will update this thread when the issue is fixed.