Fullscreen in react native player over all content in landscape mode

I tried using modal for such implementation but faced 2 problems:

  1. exitFullScreen getting callled immediately after enterFullScreen
  2. Have disabled screen recording in app using react-native-screenshot-prevent and it doesn’t work over modals in iOS.

Dear @developer , thanks for reporting this. For the first part of question, have you tried the Bitmovin Full screen sample for React Native available at https://github.com/bitmovin/bitmovin-player-react-native/blob/development/example/src/screens/BasicFullscreenHandling.tsx?

For the 2nd topic around preventing screenshots, it is outside of the scope of player. This has to be done at application level(if at all possible) and player SDK does not play a role in allowing or preventing screenshot capability.

I have tried this, but the problem is, since the video player is nested under several Views. Hence position absolute doesn’t take the video player to the fullscreen level.