Android SDK overlap issue

please see the image below, we integrate Botmovin Android SDK(3.26.1). The player controller (image A) is at idea position. But, the video asset(image B) is above (Z-index) the controller, and its position is not align with video player(image A). This will make user can’t see this player status as imageB will overlap image A. Please noted that UI controller is original, isn’t custom UI.

Hi @gabrielchong,

could you please provide steps to reproduce this issue? I can’t observe this in our samples.

Ideally you can provide a minimal reproducible example project.

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Dear Lukas,

Thanks for your reply. We are using Flutter embedded native Kotlin code in our project. Please try to see this “NativeView.kt” . Is it any error configuration? If you can’t reproduce it, I will prepare a flutter project for you.

Native Kotlin code

Unfortunately I am not proficient in Flutter and I haven’t tested the player in Flutter either. Looking at the code it looks like you are applying full screen mode. I assume that the Android native full screen handling does not work on flutter. Does the issue occur without full screen?

yes, I do suspect it is fullscreen. and I check with “playerView.isFullscreen”, it return false.

Whats the flutter version that you are using?

I’ve seen a simular issue using video_player using 3.3.0 and seems fixed on 3.7.1.

The video player was not using all the space that the widget should use.