Use different keys and key ids when creating media

Hi team,

I would like to use different key id’s and keys when creating different vod renditions and possibly have different keys for audio and video. Is this possible? And do you have any demo code available?

For live - is there anything I can do to help avoid our live streams from being shared along with known decryption keys?

Hi Peder,

The implementation of different DRM keys tied to different stream variants is something that should be defined on the manifest itself, for example having a DASH manifest that contains multiple Widevine keys/levels (some variants tied to an L1 key and others to an L3 key).

At the moment, when loading such kind of manifests, our player initially handles it fine and successfully starts playing the variant tied to the security level supported on the device. However, there’s a known bug which causes playback to stall upon any manifest reload during the same playback session, since in this case the player incorrectly tries to play a variant tied to a security level not supported on the device.

Until such bug is fixed, a possible workaround (other than not reloading manifest) could be to limit the variants that can be chosen by the player, as per:

For example by manually excluding the affected variants or by instructing the player not to choose the higher quality renditions (assuming they’re the ones tied to stricter security levels)

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