Unable to increase clickTracking count in apps using customUI

I’m using the Bitmovin SDK and using a customUI.

iOS uses e.g.)
playerConfig.styleConfig.userInterfaceType = .system to set the user interface type.

In the Bitmovin SDK, I was told that IMA could not search for clickTrackingUrl because there was no getter in Google IMA. As a result, you cannot get clickTrackingUrl directly from Bitmovin.

To solve this problem, I have to run the same thing as the behavior of GoogleIMAadsManager.clicked(). However, the method cannot be executed in the current Bitmovin SDK.

If any users have successfully implemented the loading of clickTrackingUrl into an advertising server on an Android or iOS app using BitmovinPlayer customUI, please share your solution.

I haven’t solved it, but if you have an idea, it would be very helpful for me to share it.
Thank you.

Hey @swmoon,

Thanks for pointing out that this API is missing in our iOS SDK for the described use-case. Please open a feature request as described here so we can track it internally.

To clarify, did you disable the IMA UI for your ads? (Using ImaAdvertisingConfig.preferredUiType = .disabled)

For Android it should be possible to access the IMAAdsManager through AdvertisingConfig.ima.onAdsManagerAvailable.

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That’s right. I am using ImaAdvertisingConfig.preferredUiType = .disabled.

And I don’t think I need to request support-feature again because this ticket is already in progress from before. The ticket already exists :smiley:

However, the problem is still not resolved in support, so I shared it with the community because I wanted to find a way to solve the problem.

Hi @swmoon,

Good news, we just released version 3.56.0 of our iOS Player SDK where we added the possibility to access the GoogleIMAadsManager.clicked API through our SDK.

You can access it by doing something like:

var imaAdsManager: ImaAdsManager?

let adConfig = AdvertisingConfig(...)
adConfig.ima.preferredUiType = .disabled
adConfig.onAdsManagerAvailable = { adManager in
    imaAdsManager = adManager

and when you need to handle the click, simply call:


Let me know if you have any further questions.

Hi @David Steinacher

Thank you for the feedback. I’ve confirmed version 3.56.0 and verified that the clickTracking Count is correctly incremented only once when operated according to the sample code.

I have a request. Could you please provide the Android sample code, similar to iOS, that uses AdvertisingConfig.ima.onAdsManagerAvailable?

Thank you.

Hi @swmoon, happy to provide an Android sample:

You can acquire it by doing the following:

var imaAdsManager: AdsManager? = null
val playerConfig = PlayerConfig(
    advertisingConfig = AdvertisingConfig(
        ima = ImaConfig(
            onAdsManagerAvailable = { adsManager = it },

and handle the click by calling:


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