[Support Needed]Need support on fixing progressbar issue on live

Hi Support Team

Can you please help me out to resolve below query

I am using bitmoving in android , language is kotlin

When i am playing a live content i need two attribute i.e , position in millisecond and the duration in millisecond. for setting our custom progressbar , for this i am trying to obtaining it from two api for duration in millisecond :

durationMs = (-viewModel.getMaxTimeShift() * TIME_ONE_SECOND_MS).toInt().

and for

position in millisecond : positionMs = (durationMs + viewModel.getTimeShift() * TIME_ONE_SECOND_MS).toInt()

We are using for setting our progressbar , the suggested code is provided in bitmovin github : bitmovin-player-android-samples/CustomUiKotlin/src/main/java/com/bitmovin/player/samples/custom/ui/PlayerUI.kt at main · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-android-samples · GitHub

For some content , its working fine and some content we are getting both time as viewModel.getMaxTimeShift() =0 and getTimeShift() =0

The Sample URL : https://live-par-2-cdn-alt.livepush.io/live/bigbuckbunnyclip/index.m3u8

I Have tried to play the same content in bitmovin dashboard {section :try your stream} the progressbar is working fine

can you please help me out if i am missing anything , how to fix it

Hi Iamvivekpro,

Thanks for the detailed post. I dont see anything you are doing as wrong.

You mentioned that some content is working as expected and others are not. This suggests something in this stream is different to other streams where you dont see an issue and needs to be handled or corrected.

I do see some irregular ‘play’ event logs, sometimes with a 0 time and others with a time stamp, so this might be something.

Can you let us know what is different between this live stream and one that works are they running through identical encoder workflows?

  • Would you be able to provide a stream that does work
  • Why would you want to provide a progress bar? I see no DVR applied to require a need for one.


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