Stream Config Id when creating stream

When creating a stream there is a field “configId”. Which id does it take? Where can I create such config. There are default behaviour of live encoding which is automatically created when starting the stream. I believe that that default behaviour can be controlled with this config Id. Or how can we control the codec configurations, auto shutdown limit, etc for the auto generated live encoding.

I’d also like to know this answer

Hi Rabinson (and hi Angelo) thanks for getting in touch and for the question.
I’ll make some assumptions with my answer, so if any of those are incorrect please correct me.

First assumption - I assume you’re talking about the live feature in the Streams product and not our Live Encoder.
Second assumption - I assume you’re talking about our Streams product, and the Configuration ID is the one shown in Step 1, pointed out in the image attached.

This configuration ID is just the primary key for the encoding in our database and not related to the live encoding configuration settings. This ID is required by the player, in order to playback the live stream.
If my second assumption is wrong, and this is related to our Streams API documented here, then the answer is that the configuration ID is related to player styling options (not encoding options such as codec etc). Although this endpoint exists in our documentation the feature is still being developed and will be released soon.

If you do want to modify the configuration settings to the codecs for Live Encoding, then you’ll need to use our Live Encoder instead, where it’s possible to change codec, bitrates, rendition ladders and output types using either API or using our Live Wizard in the Dashboard UI.

If you would like to learn more then please let me know here and we’ll be more than happy to get in touch and help out.

Thanks for your answer Paul. The reason why I was not using live encoder is that every time when a live encoder is started then the input rtmp url is changed. However with the stream endpoint the input rtmp url is always same. But, with it, I am not able to control the default behaviour, so I thought the configId has to do something with it. So, now my question would be, is there any way that when using the live encoder, we can maintain the rtmp url and also may be stream key same. Like from OBS when we select bitmovin as the service and Streams Live as server then the user can simply put the stream key. If the server keeps changing then the user have to copy the new rtmp url every time and that I want to avoid. Regarding stream key it would stay same until user wishes to change.

Hi Rabinson, thanks for clarifying your requirements now I have a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve.
Today the RTMP static endpoint is only available in the Streams product, for the Live Encoder we have an option of using SRT in caller mode. Where the Live Encoding can start up and then connect to a device with static IP address and pull content from it. SRT also has other advantages over RTMP, in terms of support for multiple for multiple audio channels and added resilience with packet protection and error correct built in.
I’ve asked my colleague Mariia to set up a meeting where we can discuss you use case in more detail and talk about some solutions.