New static rtmps ingest points with Bitmovin Live Encoder

The Bitmovin Live Encoder has added support for static RTMPS ingest points, with a fixed domain and application, but changing streamkey. Users can have a streamkey randomly generated when the live encoder starts or enter their own streamkey and reserve it for their exclusive use.

Theses new ingest points follow this structure:


For auto-generated streamkeys, we’ll create a one-time only 16 character UUID when the Live Encoding starts.

Reserved streamkeys can either be generated by users in a human readable format or random strings that we automatically generate for you. These can be reserved for the customer account, and assigned to new Live Encodings. They must be unique and once reserved by an organization, can not be used by another. Having a reserved streamkey allows you to plan and test in advance without needing to change any settings on your contribution encoder’s output.

We also still support the previous method of custom rtmp ingest urls where you use the IP address of the Bitmovin entry point after starting your live encoding. Those entry points follow this structure:
rtmp://BitmovinIPaddress/your-application-name /your-streamkey-name

When creating your live encoding event, you’ll now have the option to chose between the static and IP based entrypoints as shown in the screenshot below.