Backup RTMP Inputs for Live Encoding

Product update: 21th February 2023
What is the update?
As of today, resilient backup inputs for Live Encoders are no longer only possible via the API - but via the UI as well.

Why is that important?
When running a Live channel, be it an event or 24/7 channel - keeping content on air is essential. There are no second chances to capture a moment and distribute it to your audience. For Live Encoding users, we want to provide customers with a tool that allows them to have redundancy built in to offer a more resilient service to their customers.

Use the backup inputs to add an extra layer of resilience, these can be fed from two outputs on a single device, to negate packet loss over the internet or via two separate devices to negate power or equipment failures on site.

For all users, adding a secondary RTMP input to your Live encoder is now possible (at no extra cost!) within our Creation wizard.
In step 1, as shown below there is now an option to add a backup input.

If you select this option you’ll be able to configure the application and stream keys for both Main and Backup endpoints.