Multiple audio streams in MP4 not offered in player

I am just getting started with the Bitmovin player, and have a source MP4 with four audio streams. The Player doesn’t offer the audio streams as a selectable list.

I am assuming this is because the streams don not have the required metadata to be offered by the player, but what is the required metadata?

Should every stream have a title or a language attibute? Or both?

All the best, Stephen

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Thanks for your question @stephen.mcconnachie .
Browsers don’t really surface the secondary tracks from MP4 files, nor allow to select these. There is therefore not really a way to achieve this for Video Players either. This is rather a platform (browser) limitation than a player limitation.

The correct way to deliver multi-audio streams is to encode each audio tracks in separated segments, which allows the player to download segments only from the audio track which has been selected.

You can take a look into our player demo and sample DASH and HLS multi audio streams.

Please let me know in case you have any additional question.


Thanks! I’ll use that method instead.

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I took a look at the m3u8 at, very useful thank you

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