It didn't exist and we created it, now it exists and we collaborate with it

Good humbly I introduce myself, I’m another developer, I’m part of Takeoffmedia, and I’ll give a little context to those who want to read me.

A couple of years ago we were presented with a mobile project which would use React Native and we needed a video provider, nothing more and nothing less than Bitmovin, after several hours of research we found a repository from several years ago which I quote in this post

Which no longer had maintenance, I tried anyway to contact the creator to help him to continue to maintain the module, no answer, indeed this person no longer works with code or who knows, twists of life.

I happen to know when that happened, the question was:

If he could why couldn’t I?


Effectively it was my first open source project, I had never worked and thought about collaborating and even less in something so big and native.

Expectations: Too much

Another not minor point was my desire for this project to come out and provide the necessary support to the client and other developers who can surely go through this part.

After several months, the possibility of Bitmovin making official the module for React Native came up, which made me very excited, and thanks to that I have continued collaborating in the repository.

How are these collaborations:

As long as it is within the objectives of Bitmovin and helps the community is welcome, from documentation, testing, and creating new features, among others.

As we all need the help of Bitmovin and us “the community” do not hesitate to collaborate and all help is welcome.

Many thanks to Bitmovin, and Takeoffmedia for this possibility to collaborate.


welcome @jonathanm , we love the work you’re doing :clap:

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Thanks and keep in touch