Is there a way to shorten queued period of video encoding?

Currently it takes few minutes before video even starts encoding (status: queued). Is there a way to shorten or skip this queueing? Is there bitmovin tire where we can pay more but shorten queued period significantly? Thanks!

Hi Sulyashev! We’ll soon offer prewarmed encoder pools which will make it possible to start encodings without a queue. At this moment, the feature is in Beta and needs to be enabled by our team for your account.

It will affect pricing according to the current minute calculation methodology:

Hi Sulyashev, it’s also worth mentioning that queue times only become noticeable if you completely stop encoding for an extended-period of time (at which time resources are returned). If there is a steady flow of assets being encoded the pools never go to sleep and should start as soon as a slot becomes available; best practice is to always try and keep 3x or 4x the number of slots you have, in the queue -or- look at the prewarmed pools like Matheus recommends.