Info that caught my eye - Part 1 (VOD)

Wow, we have some great articles hidden away. Last week I was digging out some vod-encoding info for a customer , these caught my eye:

:brown_heart: Video Compression Basics : what is a codec?, what is transcoding?, what is bitrate? and why does it matter (here)
:brown_heart: Getting Started with Encoding : a short video and description to get you to your first encode (here) and (here) and (here)
:brown_heart: Getting Started with Content-Aware and Per-Title encoding : how to encode video at appropriate bitrates to the content automatically (here)

:blue_heart: Cloud Connect : install bitmovin directly on your infrastructure (here)
:blue_heart: Bitmovin + AWS : a three part series focussed on AWS (1,2,3), hint: you can also use Azure or GoogleCloud in the same way
:blue_heart: Bitmovin + GoogleCloud : preemptible machines are awesome for saving money, heres how, presented by us, Google and a large customer (Viu) (here)
:blue_heart: Audio : dont forget your Audio configurations (here)
:blue_heart: Filters : or video filters (here) hint, im a big fan of the deInterlace filter to save the day.

:orange_heart: Dolby : Getting the best from Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos (here and here) hint 1: these arent the only Dolby configs available. hint 2: we recommend getting your studio master in DV and cross converting in the encoder from there to SDR.
:orange_heart: AV1 : are we there yet? (hint, yes) (here)
:orange_heart: Cost and Savings calculators : content-aware / per-title (here), multi-codecs (here), AV1 (here)

If some of the links dont work, contain insufficient detail or are just plain wrong in your mind, add a comment below and Ill sort them out.