AV1 Encoding for the lowest price ever - 80% off

Introducing AV1 Encoding at the Price of H.265

If you sign up through the end of 2023, we are offering new VOD encoding users AV1 encoding for the same price as H.265 for the next 6 months. That’s a pricing factor of 2x instead of 10x, an 80% price reduction. This means you can enjoy the advanced compression efficiency and improved video quality of AV1, a next-generation codec, with lower total cost of ownership and faster ROI than ever before.

Key Benefits of AV1:

  • Bandwidth Optimization: AV1 allows you to deliver high-quality content while minimizing bandwidth requirements, leading to cost savings and better QoE for viewers.
  • Peace of Mind: No licensing costs. Ever. Google and the Alliance for Open Media have committed to keeping AV1 royalty free.
  • Future-Proofing: As a cutting-edge codec, AV1 is well-positioned for the coming years, ensuring your content remains relevant and compatible to take full advantage of emerging technologies like Meta Quest 3 and all of Apple’s newest devices.

How to Take Advantage of This Offer:

  • Fill out the form on the landing page or speak with you CSM about upgrading to AV1
  • Offer available until the end of the year, discount lasts for 6 months after signup

Discover AV1:

  • AV1 encoding is easier than ever, with drag and drop simplicity in our dashboard UI.
  • No need to wait for developer capacity or full integration for initial testing, AV1 is accessible to everyone.
  • Our Simple API and SDKs offer all the customization and functionality you need to tailor and automate your workflows.