How to get the player version in version 3.38.1 of the Player library and version 2.17.0 of the Analytics Collector library?

In the project’s code, BitmovinUtil.getPlayerVersion() is used to retrieve the Player library version, which is then sent to the project’s API. However, BitmovinUtil is no longer accessible in version 3.38.1 of the Player library and version 2.17.0 of the Analytics Collector library, since it has been made internal in a previous version. com.bitmovin.player.BuildConfig.VERSION_NAME is also internal, so gives the same issue. How can the version of the player be retrieved in the (currently) latest versions of the libraries?

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We would like to understand your use case better, could you please provide more details on that? :slight_smile:

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The client we’re making this app for would like to know what version of Bitmovin is being used (for example for better insights into issues). It seems like when updating Bitmovin to the newest versions, there is no longer an option to retrieve the used version. It would be great for our project, team and client if there would be such a function.

So say the implementation of Bitmovin is like this: implementation 'com.bitmovin.player:player:3.38.1', we’d want to retrieve that 3.38.1. As stated in the opening question there was a way to do this in older versions of Bitmovin, but it has now been made internal. Before any ‘hacks’ are applied, our team wanted to know whether there is still an option within the Bitmovin library to realise this.

Hey @Daphne-CoffeeIT!

Thanks for providing additional details. We’ve decided to expose an official API for this in the next release (towards the end of June) - the options you mentioned were meant to be used only by our Analytics Collectors.

You will find it in our release notes then.


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