I want to update the version of player

currently i’m using 6.1.14 and i want to update it to latest 8.109.0.
These are the files previously i’m using but i din’t find the updated files of latest version.
i’m using these files by CDN.
1- bitmovinplayer-controls.min.css
2- bitmovinplayer-controls.min.js
3- bitmovinplayer-core.min.css
4- bitmovinplayer-core.min.js
5- bitmovinplayer-vr.min.js
6- bitmovinplayer-min.js
7- bitmovinplaer.swf
can anyone in community can help me how i can get the updated files.
thanks in advance

Hi @ali.hassan

6.1.14 is a very old version of the player and starting from 7.0.0 we use a different structure for library files. I’m including links to the recent player resources.

Getting started guide - Bitmovin Docs - Player Web SDK Getting started
Player samples repo - GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-player-web-samples: Showcases build around the Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player, demonstrating usage and capabilities of the HTML5 based HLS and MPEG-DASH player, as well as the Flash based Fallback.
Release Notes -Bitmovin Docs - Player Web Releases

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