How to get Bitmovin working with Oculus browser?

Built a web app that uses Bitmovin to playback 180/360 videos. Upon trying the website on the Oculus Browser and watching the videos back there there’s a lot of weird scaling issues going on. Tried this with countless different videos. Is the Bitmovin player compatible with the Oculus browser? Same videos work perfectly on Mobile and Desktop. The same videos also work perfectly locally on the oculus, but once I use the Bitmovin player on my site on the Oculus browser these issues arise.

Hi Oculus Prime,
Sorry to hear you’re having scaling issues during playback. We have multiple customers displaying immersive content successfully on the Oculus so it may be worth confirming a few tests with your player code initially please. As you are probably aware, the device works best with a Left and Right 1440x1440 pixel frame - could you kindly confirm this style content displays correctly for you in your webapp without scaling issue. Also, does your target 180/360 video successfully play on for example an android phone?