How to generate a thumbnail/poster image on VOD Encoding?

Does the VOD Encoding pipeline allows to generate a thumbnail/poster image for the video? How can this be accomplished?

does this article help @team-macanudo ?

Hi @Adrian thanks for sharing that.

We were able to successfully generate a thumbnail based on the documentation you provided.

Here is the code snippet in C#

        // Thumbnail
        var thumbnailOutput = new EncodingOutput
            Acl = new List<AclEntry> { aclEntry },
            OutputId = output.Id,
            OutputPath = outputPath + "/thumbnail"

        var thumbnail = new Thumbnail
            Pattern = "thumbnail-%number%.jpg",
            Unit = ThumbnailUnit.PERCENTS,
            Positions = new List<double?> { 1 },
            Width = 640,
            Outputs = new List<EncodingOutput> { thumbnailOutput }

        thumbnail = await _bitmovinApi.Encoding.Encodings.Streams.Thumbnails.CreateAsync(encoding.Id, inputVideoStream480.Id, thumbnail);

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