How do I add my VMAP advert playlist to my iOS implementation?

I’m using the BasicAds sample in the iOS SDK but is struggling to see where to put their VMAP entry. I can see in ViewController.swift there is Vast information, should it just go there?

  • The iOS-SDK-example on Github (BasicAdExample) demonstrates how to implement an single ad on a prespecified position of the video

  • We would like to configure the player to use ads, using a VMAP manifest.

  • In the documentation we found an “AdTag” class to describe this vmap manifest

  • Question: We do not know how to pass the AdTag to the AdvertisingConfig of the player. AdvertisingConfig only accepts Aditems. Would you have an example on how to pass ad AdTag with a VMAP manifest to the Bitmovin player?

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Yes, the only thing you need to do is to replace the VAST URL with your VMAP URL.