How can I protect my VOD manifest urls with time limited signed URL tokens

Hi, I need to protect my VOD content by generating a manifest urls with a time limited signed URL tokens. This is so that the video can only be played for a limited time period before the manifest url becomes obsolete. This is to prevent url’s being shared or used again outside the users current subscription period. The url for the video manifest needs to be generated on the fly, not when the video is encoded. The url needs to be for the Bitmovin CDN and will be used in a third party player on IOS and Android, as well as the BitMovin player on the web. The video also needs to be castable to chromecast. Cloudflare stream has a simple solution to this, which is what I am trying to replicate with Bitmovin - Cloudflare API Documentation

@patrick.lock Unfortunately, generating signed URLs with Bitmovin CDN output is currently not supported. However, you can use different storage as the output and route it through CDN that supports tokenization.