fireTV playback issue

We use native android Kotlin code to implement in FireTV 4k max, it works fine with video asset screen and sound. But, it can’t work with FireTV 4k. It can render bitmovin controller, sound, no video asset screen. Is it possible due to FireTV 4k and FireTV 4k max is different chipset?

Hi @gabrielchong , thanks for your question. There are a few possibilities for video not playing.

The most likely possibility is incompatibility with the device’s decoder capabilities.

  • A good way to check this to capture adb logcat output from the device when testing playback. Normally Bitmovin player will show some logs indicating whether a video track is capable of being played on device or not. Below is a sample log statement. In the below example all video tracks are supported as is marked with supported=YES for each track entry. But if the tracks were not supported, the value could be NO_EXCEEDS_CAPABILITIES or NO_UNSUPPORTED_DRM or NO_UNSUPPORTED_TYPE or NO. So checking for this log can be a good first step to identify the compatibility with device.
MediaCodecVideoRenderer [
     Group:0, adaptive_supported=YES [
       [X] Track:0, id=1209, mimeType=video/avc, bitrate=400000, codecs=avc1.64000d, drm=[widevine,cenc], res=384x216, fps=25.0, supported=YES
       [X] Track:1, id=1211, mimeType=video/avc, bitrate=800000, codecs=avc1.64001e, drm=[widevine,cenc], res=640x360, fps=25.0, supported=YES
       [X] Track:2, id=1212, mimeType=video/avc, bitrate=1600000, codecs=avc1.64001f, drm=[widevine,cenc], res=896x504, fps=25.0, supported=YES
       [X] Track:3, id=1213, mimeType=video/avc, bitrate=3000000, codecs=avc1.64001f, drm=[widevine,cenc], res=1280x720, fps=25.0, supported=YES
       [X] Track:4, id=1214, mimeType=video/avc, bitrate=4800000, codecs=avc1.640028, drm=[widevine,cenc], res=1920x1080, fps=25.0, supported=YES

Additionally, if you can share the link to video asset, we can also have a quick look into it to identify ant potential incompatibilities. Hope this information helps.

please help us test with this manifest. Thanks a lot.*~hmac%3Daae0decab7adba03423a752fc9ed8148536c3771efa59e0d651a8e61dbeb45f9

Thanks @gabrielchong . I tried above DASH URL but it is not accessible. I get a HTTP 403 error when trying to fetch it. Can you please share a URL which is accessible. Please feel free to DM the URL.