Feature Requests - Frequently asked questions

Below I cover some regular questions that often get asked around the topic of Feature requests!

I have raised a feature request, now what?

A staff member will review your feature request and might ask you for more information to get the best possible understanding of your requirements.

How do you track feature requests?

When you raise a feature request to us either through the Community or through the Bitmovin Dashboard one of our staff members will undertake the following next steps:

  • They will check to see if we have had any other asks of a similar nature before. and if so we will add your company to the existing insight as also interested in this feature (we sometimes call this a vote)

  • If your feature request is a ‘first of its kind, a brand new feature insight is created with your company tagged against it and given a reference ID (typically this takes the form of PB-123456).

  • Liaise with the product team to see if this feature is already on the roadmap. If it is not, they will also ask about any plans for it to be in the future.

  • Report back to you with their findings

Why did you close my ticket? The feature has not been built yet.

We recommend that feature requests are raised within the Community rather than as a support ticket as community-driven feature requests can be voted up by other customers, this helps us to see which requests are the most popular and may influence our prioritization.

Having said this. we are pleased to receive feature requests through our ticketing system, subject to the following provisos.

  1. As we get so many feature requests, some might remain as ‘insights’ for a very long time. It is our standard procedure for support handling and reporting to close all feature requests that come through as tickets into support. That is of course after we have captured everything we need about your request and provided you with:
  • An indication of whether the feature is on the product roadmap
  • A product board ID you can use as a reference to your suggestion
  • Where appropriate we will also ask you to raise the same feature request within the community to gain wider customer feedback to help increase its profile.

Remember! Closed does not mean forgotten! Your request will continue to be tracked by our product team, and should the feature be included in our product, you’ll see this in our release notes

How do I check on the status of a feature request?

The product team keep track of all feature raised including who raised them. If a part makes it onto our roadmap, a staff member may reach out to notify you as we might want further input from you or request your involvement in testing.

You can also check our player release notes, encoding release notes and analytics release notes for the most recent product updates or contact your customer success team to see what is coming up on the roadmap that might interest you.

How does the Product team decide on what features they do?

Good Question - We talk a bit about this in our Bitmovin’s Feature Request Policy

I have a critical feature request, what should I do?

Sometimes a feature is critical to your specific needs. If you have such a need, but the feature suggestion is not aligned with our product roadmap, then please reach out to your regional customer success manager or sales representative. It might be we can suggest alternative approaches to get you towards your goal.

For further reading on this topic, please see:

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