Bitmovin's Feature Request Policy

Feature and improvement suggestions

Feedback from you, our customers, helps us shape and improve all of our products. We’re continuously learning, analyzing and interviewing customers to make our products more intuitive and user-friendly and to meet feature requirements. We encourage you to share your feedback through the Bitmovin Community, via your Bitmovin Support Dashboard or directly with one of our customer success managers.

We get a large number of feature requests every day. Your suggestions help us understand what you’re passionate about and how you want our products to support you and your team. When raising a feature request to us be sure to describe your use case to us and how the suggested change would benefit you and your team; it lets us gain a much deeper understanding of the need behind the suggestion.

Your suggestions impact what we work on, even if we ultimately choose not to implement a recommendation precisely as described. Our ultimate goal is to understand what you and all of our customers need and to create products that meet those needs. Occasionally, that’ll mean implementing a suggestion as described. Still, it usually means working to understand the need behind the suggestion and how we can meet that need for as many users as possible.

How do we define a Feature?

Every company defines what a feature is a little bit differently, so we think it is important to outline first what we mean by a feature. Here is our definition.

A request to enhance our product(s) to either handle a new piece of functionality that currently is not supported or an extension to what is already present.

How do we determine what features to implement?

Many factors influence our product roadmaps and determine the features we implement. When making decisions about what to prioritize, we combine your feedback with our insights as well as internal learning from our support teams, engineers and customer-facing teams not forgetting also our academic research group (Athena). This information, combined with our medium- and long-term product and platform vision, determines what we implement and its order.

How can you submit features to us?

A couple of ways! Please find details here.

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