Error Code 1001 via Analytics API


Clearly I am doing something wrong, but very cal I make to the analytics end points returns the same error:
“requestId”: “127ee6c0-415e-435b-9ccd-affca37075c3”,
“status”: “ERROR”,
“data”: {
“code”: 1001,
“message”: “The analytics license resource was not found!”,
“developerMessage”: “Analytics license was not found.”

Example payload:
“filters”: [
“name”: “STARTUPTIME”,
“operator”: “GT”,
“value”: 0
“groupBy”: [
“orderBy”: ,
“dimension”: “STARTUPTIME”,
“licenseKey”: “{{bitmovin_license_key}}”,
“start”: “2023-10-11T00:46:15.621Z”,
“end”: “2023-10-18T00:46:15.621Z”

The same license key works in the API Explorer so I am stumped.

I am sure its something obvious, but I can’t seem to figure out what.

Actually I just figured out that I was using an incorrect API key in the header!

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