Framework not found BitmovinAnalyticsCollector

Hi @mit-bitmovin, I’m getting Framework not found BitmovinAnalyticsCollector while compiling. This issue was introduced once i migrate from 3.40.0 to 3.48.0.

Can you please help me how can i resolve this issue.

Hi @abichal.jha , welcome to Bitmovin community forum and thanks for sharing your issue.

It could be because of change in Analytics API version from 2.x to 3.x. Bitmovin analytics is part of the Bitmovin SDK package since version 3.42.0.

You can find the migration guides below

Hope this information helps.

I already follow the documents that you shared but still I’m not able to compile because of this issue.
I got all the changes like class name function and all but while compiling I am getting this error.


Abichal Jha