Developing a Video Player with Structured Concurrency

Originally published at: Developing a Video Player with Structured Concurrency

In software architecture, as in any problem-solving domain, it is important to solve the right problem in the right place. A very well known example of this is the React Virtual DOM. Before this concept was introduced, web developers used to have to add, update and delete DOM nodes on their own. React removes this…

Hello! I’m Tom, the author of the post. Just wanted to check in on this community topic and say hi!

I’m also available for any questions you may have about the topics discussed!. I’m pretty excited about the potential of our new framework and player, so feel free!

Very interesting posts, thank you!

Are there any plans releasing the structured concurrency Typescript framework you are working on as open source? I think that could be a nice, small, self-contained but highly useful library!

Hey @herr.ernst, you might find Effection interesting which inspired this framework. It’s documented and ready to use.


Hi Ernst,

Somehow I overlooked your reply. We are discussing this topic internally, but I cannot give you an answer right now. I agree though, that would be great!

I also recommend you check out Effection, it’s a great library!


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