Why Structured Concurrency Matters for Developers

Originally published at: Why Structured Concurrency Matters for Developers - Bitmovin

What is the problem with async code? As every developer knows, writing concurrent code is hard. You could even ask any project manager, and they would agree the bugs in whichever project they are managing, which are the hardest to figure out and fix, are usually solved when the programmers diagnose a race condition of…

Hey Tom! Really enjoyed your blog post. It’s so important to get the message about structured concurrency out there!

If I recall correctly, I remember that you tried out Effection a while back, but judging from your blog post, it looks like it didn’t satisfy your use-case so that you had to roll your own.

I’d love to learn more about what did and did not work for you.


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Hey Charles,

Absolutely, Effection remains a big influence for me personally (the types especially are very elegant), and the chat we had back then convinced me that structured concurrency was the best path forward here. Thanks once again!

I think the answer to your question lies in the package system we want to build. It’s vitally important for us to entirely control the interaction between future packages that will hook into the player via the framework and our SC implementation. So we felt that relying on a third-party library would bring too many unknowns to that equation.