DASH Manifest Audio labels not being read

It seems this issue, posted last year was fixed only for the android SDK but unfortunately the problem still exists on the Web SDK.
The player has no issues picking up the correct audio labels in HLS streams but is unable to pick up the AdaptationSet label present in the manifest of DASH streams.

Example Manifest >> https://fliikamediaservice-usea.streaming.media.azure.net/2a3929ec-8b6b-43b6-a542-81051451c942/Black-Widow.ism/manifest(format=mpd-time-cmaf)

This is what I’m console logging when I run player.getAvailableAudio();

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Hi Milton,

Thanks for reaching out on this. I’ve passed on your request to support the Label element for Dash to our Product team. I can’t give you any ETA on when this feature will be implemented so please keep an eye on the Release Notes page for Player Web. https://developer.bitmovin.com/playback/docs/release-notes-web

In the meantime, we have the SourceLabelingConfig API available to assign more user-friendly descriptions to audio and subtitle tracks. Please see the documentation here - SourceLabelingConfig | Bitmovin Player API 8.150.0

Hello again, Milton. I’m happy to let you know that the latest Web Player release includes support for Dash Label elements. Please see the following release notes: https://developer.bitmovin.com/playback/docs/release-notes-web#81570

Hi Neil,

This is great news! Thank you so much for passing the issue on to the product team.

We’ll implement the new release and give feedback.

Have a great day!

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