SubtitleTrack.label polluted and leads mismatching with DASH manifest AdaptationSet#Label

First, here is my device and Web SDK information.

  • OS: MacOS Big Sur (11.5)
  • Browser:
    • Google Chrome (Version 119.0.6045.199 (Official Build) (arm64))
    • Safari 14.1.2(16611.
  • Bitmovin Player Web SDK: v8.84.0 (by npm)
  • Bitmovin Player UI: v3.37.0 (by npm)

Currently, when AdaptationSet#Label was presented in DASH manifest, the label value is not used when accessing SubtitleTrack.label. Here’s some example snippet.

<AdaptationSet lang="zh">
   <Representation bandwidth="256" id="caption_zh" mimeType="text/vtt">

Current behavior when reading SubtitleTrack.label


seems it got polluted with the same lang value:

  lang: 'zh',
  label: 'zh',

Expect behavior:

  lang: 'zh',
  label: '中文',

Any suggestion or version update for helping me get subtitle label same as set?

Using the DASH label is on our roadmap but not supported yet.
Bitmovin Feature reference : PW-10911
As an alternative, you could use player.getManifest() and parse the label.

Please let us know in case you have any questions.