Code Sample for Content Proposals on tvOS / Apple TV (+ Swag Offer!)

When streaming serialized or episodic shows, Content Proposals are a great way to inform viewers about what your app is going to play next, and to give viewers the choice to continue watching the next episode, or navigate back into your app.

To help the Bitmovin community add Next Up/Content Proposal experiences into their Apple TV app, we’ve published this new sample:

Check it out and let us know if you add Content Proposals into your tvOS app! As an added extra, we’re also offering free swag to the first 3 community members who reply to this topic with a screengrab of our Next Up UI in a tvOS app!


Hi James,

Do you have any plans to offer this Next Up feature/code sample for other platforms too?

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Hey Neil,

Good question. We’ve started with tvOS as we’ve seen most interest for the Apple TV platform, as Next Up is a useful and common UX on Apple TV devices. We’re evaluating the idea of bringing a Next Up UX to our other SDKs too, however, we’d expect the interaction & UI to be different for each device to make best use of every platform’s capabilities. It would be great to know if you have specific platforms in mind and also to hear of interest from our community - please reply below if this feature is of interest to you!

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