Chrome shows “robustness level” warning even if source config videoRobustness is set

When using the Bitmovin Player on MacOS Chrome to play a video with DRM protection, I consistently receive a warning regarding the "webvine robustness level”:

It is recommended that a robustness level be specified. Not specifying the robustness level could result in unexpected behavior.

I have attempted to address this issue by following the guidance provided in the Bitmovin documentation (Streaming DRM protected content with Bitmovin Player Web SDK), which suggests adding the audioRobustness and videoRobustness properties to the drm.widevine section of the source configuration. Unfortunately, despite implementing these changes, the warning persists, and I have been unable to resolve it.

Here is the information about my device and the player config:

  • OS: MacOS Ventura (13.0)
  • Browser: Google Chrome (Version 118.0.5993.88 (Official Build) (arm64))
  • Bitmovin Player Web SDK: v8.94.0 (by npm)
  • Bitmovin Player UI: v3.38.0 (by npm)
  • source config (partial)
const soruceConfig = {
  dash: '...',
  hls: '...',
  thumbnailTrack: { url: '...' },
  drm: {
    widevine: {
      LA_URL: '...',
      headers: {
        authorization: '...'
      audioRobustness: 'SW_SECURE_CRYPTO',
      videoRobustness: 'SW_SECURE_CRYPTO'
    fairplay: {
      // ...

Hi @peiyu.kuo , welcome to Bitmovin community forum and thanks for sharing your concern.

To begin with the warning message is output by underlying browser stack when player accesses some capability related APIs. This warning does not cause any playback issues.

Additionally, in latest versions of Bitmovin player, we have addressed this to remove recurring occurrence of the warning. Warning may appear only at the beginning of playback but will not occurs repeatedly. Can you please try to use latest version of Bitmovin player and confirm this.
Release Notes :

I see, thanks for the explanation :pray: