Button fullscreen error on Mac OS

Hi Brothers,

I am using bitmovin player to play DRM content. The player is perfect. My framework is Vue 3 + Tauri. I build desktop app.

Everything works fine except on Mac Os, the button fullscreen not work on Tauri App although this button is still rendered in UI as attached.
When click button, the error is: InvalidStateError: The object is in an invalid state.
My Mac OS is: Monterey 12.6.7.

On Windows, this problem not happen.
I don’t have any difference about my bitmovin config between Mac OS and Window.
The only thing defference is DRM config because in Window I run playready, on Mac OS I run Fairplay. But I don’t think this could make issue about fullscreen button.

Here is my code:

var config = {
      key: 'my-key',
      playback: {
        muted: true,
        autoplay: true,

var source = {
      title: 'Default Demo Source Config',
        'Select another example in "Step 4 - Load a Source" to test it here',
      dash: url,
      drm: {my drm config}

var player = new bitmovin.player.Player(
      config ,

await player.load(source)
...do something after played success

Hi @vanminhquangtri , thanks for your question. Can you please share the version of Bitmovin player being used?

If trying with an older version, then can you please retry with latest Bitmovin player version 8.125.1 and check if the issue persists?

Hello @lucky.goyal ,
I change to version 8.125.1 but problem still happen.
I import your library from link: https://cdn.bitmovin.com/player/web/8.125.1/bitmovinplayer.js


@lucky.goyal I also tried to use npm package instead of add script tag, but the fullscreen button I still not work on Mac OS Tauri App. I installed version 8.125.1 as your advised.

import { Player } from 'bitmovin-player';

var player = new Player(

… the rest of codes…

Thanks for trying out the suggestions. Can you please test the behaviour on Safari browser on Mac using Bitmovin test player https://bitmovin.com/demos/stream-test?

Hello @lucky.goyal ,

As I test, my browser working no problem. Please this screen recorder.

Hi @lucky.goyal
I also test the link in Tauri App. The button fullscreen also NOT work in Tauri App. It only work in browser. The error is same as before: InvalidStateError: The object is in an invalid state.

I fixed the problem. This is related to Tauri config, not about bitmovin. Thanks.

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Hi @vanminhquangtri , glad that you found the solution and thanks for sharing the the solution here, it will help other community members who wish to develop app using Tauri framework :+1:

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