Bunny Net Mediacage DRM does not work on bitmovin player

The DRM encrypted videos using Bunny net MediaCage does not work with Bitmovin web player and possibly not on İOS. Here is example links to try
video url
License Url

For Widevine license change /FairPlayLicense/ to /WidevineLicense/

Hi @metaflix

Each DRM provider requires a specific license request format, so you’ll need to configure the player accordingly. Which DRM provider does Bunny Net MediaCage use? Additionally, do you have any working playback examples available?

I’m including instructions for a few common DRM providers.

Hello Kishore of course here is demos with shaka player
Bunny Stream Fairplay sample - JSFiddle - Code Playground fairplay
Shaka player EntDrm - JSFiddle - Code Playground widevine

kishore are you there