Bitmovin’s Smart Chunking: the evolution of the split and stitch algorithm

Originally published at: Smart Chunking: Enhancing Quality and Speed of VOD Encoding

Speed, quality and scale are always top of mind when it comes to providing the highest quality of viewing experiences. In this blog, we are joined by Markus Hafellner (Senior Product Manager, VOD Encoding), who takes us through a key update to the Bitmovin Next-Generation VOD Encoder and advancements made to the split and stitch algorithm allowing users to enjoy content at the highest possible quality.


Hey all, just saying hi :wave:t3: Happy to answer any questions you might have after reading the article.

I’m really excited about this latest innovation and that we can offer it to any user, single dev or broadcaster with millions of assets.

Looking forward to your feedback and/or questions!

PS: Smart Chunking is available for anybody using the dashboard or our BETA tag via API. You will also get it by using STABLE soon! (all encoder versions)

Good stuff! Glad to see this in production!


Well done Folks!
Glad to see this up in Production. It is always great to see Bitmovin innovating and pushing them out to customers. Keep them coming.

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