Bitmovin Returns to NAB with Smart Chunking & More

Exciting news - We’re returning to NAB this year and looking forward to showcasing some of our new product innovations, including our Smart Chunking, a new approach to segmentation that results in better visual quality for every encoding job, without any workflow changes or added cost.

But that’s not all :eyes: - we’re reinventing playback with a new innovative framework built for asynchronous and scalable playback features. Plus, we know how performance matters so we’ve created solid and lightweight foundations to deliver a high-performing player. And there’s more - we have a Plugin Marketplace where you can generate easy custom plugins for your needs and make use of community-built solutions.

Don’t miss the chance to see these amazing innovations in action at NAB, drop by our Bitmovin stand, W10109, or :sparkles: pre-book your meeting :sparkles: now with our team.