Bitmovin player on <video> element

Looking around, there seems to be a growing trend for video players to be attached to an HTML5 video element. dash.js and hls.js are 2 such examples, but the same can be seen with many commercial players.

Is that something that I can do with the Bitmovin Web player as well?

Hey @fabre.lambeau1,
The Bitmovin Player per default creates a video element that it uses, but this can be changed. You can simply pass a video element to the player using player.setVideoElement (before you load a source).

By the way, you can also retrieve the video element that the player automatically creates using player.getVideoElement.


Can I therefore set some parameters on it as well (such as poster)?

That should work, but it’s an untested scenario.

Does anything prevent you from using the player’s poster image source config option or the setPosterImage API?