[NEW] Create your Web Player in 4 Steps

It's now even easier to create a Bitmovin Web Player with the new Web Player Wizard! 🥳🎉


The new wizard is an interactive 4-step process for creating a Bitmovin Web Player and is available to all with a Bitmovin account.
We've made it EVEN EASIER to get up and running with your own web player!

Step 1: Load your source 🎥

Paste in your content source url and give your stream a title. Or use one of our default streams while you're testing!

Step 2: Choose a license 🔑

Select which of your licenses you'd like to use.
If you're unsure, you can check your licenses in the dashboard.

Step 3: Add a domain 🌎

Add a domain to your allowlist to validate where you're going to use your Web Player.

Step 4: Copy your code 🧑‍💻

Click 'Copy Code' to take your auto-generated HTML code into your own environment!

... and you've got a Web Player! 🚀

Want more?

Head over to the new Player Home Page in the dashboard for more helpful guides and documentation for integrating Ads, DRM and Analytics!