Bitmovin Fallback Video

Hi there,

We’ve integrated Bitmovin on our website and have found that if there is an issue with the video that is meant to be being played, we end up falling back to your test/placeholder video:

Is there a way to configure the player to not do this and we specify some other video file/location?


Hi @matthew.sheppard

Thanks for reaching out to us.

The fallback behaviour that you are experiencing should not happen by default. Could you kindly share your source configuration or a hosted page where I can reproduce this?

Of course:

Hi @matthew.sheppard .

The above website is coded with explicit logic to fallback to the Bitmovin demo stream. Please rectify the logic in the application to address this issue.

  dash: '',
  hls: '',
  progressive: '',
  poster: '',

Thank you.
This resolved everything so thanks for the speedy reply!

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Hi @matthew.sheppard

Could you please double-check? I see the website is still playing the demo stream instead of the actual stream.

Could you also explain why you have a logic to use the Bitmovin demo stream as a fallback? @matthew.sheppard