Bitmovin 3.29.0 and 3.30.0 is crashing while seeking the video to some time or pressing the forward 10 sec button

Hi Bitmovin,
I am getting a crash in latest version of iOS i.e 3.29.0 & 3.30.0.
By Tap on 10 sec forward icon/ or move the video using seek bar.

-[AVPlayerController actuallySeekToTime]


thank you for raising the issue. Do you know if this could be related to your other question about a crash on iOS 16?

The reason for the other crash is that no active Source is loaded in the Player when the seek operation is called.

We released 3.31.0-b.1 yesterday as a pre-release version which should contain a fix so it no longer crashes. Maybe you could give it a shot and try to reproduce the crash with this beta version. (Please note that this is a pre-released version which might still contain bugs and untested features).

If it still crashes, it would be great to get more insights about the reproduction steps that lead to this crash. In addition what does -[AVPlayerController actuallySeekToTime] stand for? As far as I know this is not a (public) system type.


Thank you. I verify 3.31.0-b.1 version and my previous issue is fixed in this release. But seeking issue is still in this release.

Alright, that’s at least partly good news.

Can you share additional insights about the crash you are expiring here?

  • Which Source are you playing? Can you share the asset with us?
    • If not, maybe you could collect characteristics of it (Live or VOD, HLS or Progressive, …)
  • Which steps do you take before the crash happens (as detailed as possible)?
  • Any particular use case you are observing (like stalling, or maybe an error happens before the seek)?

It is easily reproducible at my end let me give you a steps.

Load streaming url
Wait for few seconds so that stream is playing.
Now stretched the seek bar to some time now I’m experiencing the crash.
One other scenario, Load url and wait until it is start playing now click on 10 sec forward button there also I’m experiencing this crash.

I tried to reproduce with the steps you provided and our internal test streams (VOD and live stream) though I can’t reproduce any crashes.

Could you maybe provide additional information:

  • The stream you are playing (if you can share it)?
  • On which iOS version do you see it happening?
  • Does this crash also happen if you do not add the BitmovinAnalyticsCollector?

Alternatively, to speed up things, it would be great if you could share a small example app based on our public Samples where this crash can be reproduced.

This can help you.
my stream url is:-
When i didn’t added Analytics
// Bitmovin Analytics Configuration on intialization
// if let title = appointmentTitle,
// let apptId = appointmentId,
// let deviceUUID = CNUserDefaultManger.shared.object(forKey: UserDefaultConstant.deviceUUID.rawValue) as? String,
// let customUserId = MyProfileRepository.getMyProfile()?.basicProfile?.integrationId {
// analyticsConfig = BitmovinAnalyticsConfig(key: “key”)
// analyticsConfig?.customData1 = deviceUUID
// analyticsConfig?.customData2 = String(apptId)
// analyticsConfig?.customData3 = defaultConfCode
// analyticsConfig?.customerUserId = customUserId
// analyticsConfig?.videoId = streamingUrl.removingPercentEncoding
// analyticsConfig?.title = title
// if let config = analyticsConfig {
// analyticsCollector = BitmovinPlayerCollector(config: config)
// }
// }

Crash is not happen.
my os version is 16.1.1, device is iPhone XS MAX.

I found this crash in library here
BitmovinPlayerAdapter, decorateEventData(eventData: EventData)
// videoQuality
if let videoQuality = currentVideoQuality ?? player.videoQuality {
eventData.videoBitrate = Double(videoQuality.bitrate)
eventData.videoPlaybackWidth = Int(videoQuality.width)
eventData.videoPlaybackHeight = Int(videoQuality.height)
eventData.videoCodec = videoQuality.codec

Thank you for the additional information.

We were able to reproduce the crash on our side and will have a look at it.

Hi David,
When you are going to release the fix for this issue.
I have tested with 3.32.0 latest version but still I am able to reproduced this crash.

We have it tracked but we can not yet provide a timeline when this will be fixed.

We will update this thread once the fix is released.