Audio thumbnail on Bitmovin Player for Audio player

I am trying to play mp3 audio file using Bitmovin player. While playing the audio, I want to display the image/thumbnail image/preview image on the player (Like all the other audio player does.).

I noticed this example where the Audio player a thumbnail in the beginning, but it shows blank screen while it plays:

Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @vivek , thanks for your question.

You can use SourceConfig.poster configuration to set a poster/thumbnail and additionally add SourceConfigOptions.persistentPoster as true to make the poster persist on screen. An example config can be as below.

var source = {
  options: {
    persistentPoster: true
  poster: '<poster_url>',
  dash: '<source_url>'

Please try this out and let us know if this helps.

Hi Lucky, thanks for the details. I think this will help on the web side of the things.

Will the solutions be any different for IOS and ANdroid?

happy to raise a separate thread if needed.