Android and IOS Audio Podcast Bitmovin player shows no thumbail

Hi ,

I am trying to play mp3 audio file using Bitmovin player. While playing the audio, I want to display the image/thumbnail image/preview image on the player (Like all the other audio player does.).

I noticed this example where the Audio player a thumbnail in the beginning, but it shows blank screen while it plays:


Any help will be appreciated.

We got a solution for desktop here:

But I am looking to do this for Android and IOS.

Currently our player is playing Audio w/o any thumbnails which confuses our mobile users.


Hi @vivek , thanks for your query. You can use following configurations to get similar behaviour of persistent poster on Android and iOS.

isPosterPersistent on Android player SDK

isPosterPersistent on iOS player SDK.

You can also search such configurations directly in Bitmovin player SDK API documentations available publicly. You should be able to search for keywords in documentation. For example a search for persistent keyword would show the above configuration options for respective SDKs.

Bitmovin Web player SDK API

Bitmovin Android/AndroidTV player SDK API

Bitmovin iOS/tvOS Player SDK API