Working with thumbnail when seeking in Bitmovin Player

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Is there a working example (Android and iOS) on how to show a thumbnail when seeking.

Hi @hardknockrabbit ,

Thanks for your question. The supported thumbnail formats should show up automatically on using the progress bar when using default Bitmovin UI on Android/iOS. Please check the thumbnail preview support matrix for different Bitmovin player SDK platforms at Bitmovin Docs - Player | Player - Thumbnail Preview Support to confirm if the thumbnail format that you are using is supported on respective platform.

In addition, if you are using a custom Native UI on web/Android/iOS instead of the default Bitmovin UI, then each of these platforms expose APIs to allow application to fetch thumbnail information. Application can use these APIs to get thumbnails and render the same in custom progress bar.

If above information does not help resolve your query, then please let us know your UI configuration(Bitmovin UI or custom native UI) and used thumbnail formats to allow us to help you further.

Thanks @lucky.goyal do you have any example for iOS?

@hardknockrabbit , please let us know your UI configuration for iOS.

And which thumbnail format is used in your content?

We will need this basic information to help further.

thanks for sharing the details @hardknockrabbit and glad to know that you found how to get thumbnails for Android. For iOS, the API usage is correct. I suspect that the used thumbnail format is not a supported one. As specified in Bitmovin Docs - Player | Player - Thumbnail Preview Support the only supported thumbnail format in case of iOS is WebVTT with JPEG/PNG image/sprite.

The thumbnail URL is not present in HLS Manifest but needs to be provided in SourceConfig.thumbnailTrack configuration.

If the thumbnail format that you are using is WebVTT with JPEG/PNG image/sprite, then please make sure that you are passing the thumbnail WebVTT URL to SourceConfig.

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